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We are proud of the reputation Springfield Lakes Pest Control has in our local community and we value customer satisfaction. Our Springfield Lakes consultants are the best pest control technicians in the area offering high quality products and services.

We have highly trained pest control technicians who residents of Springfield lakes have come to rely on.

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Providing Pest Control Services To Springfield Lakes 

We provide Springfield Lakes citizens with pest control experts who are local and ready to help with bed bug control, cockroach control, rodent control, bird control, and more.

Pests are an irritating and dangerous problem in your home or business. Pests will spread disease and if allowed will move into your house. Whether it’s rats, mice, bed bugs, termites, or some other disease, pest control experts can get rid of the problem and get your life back to normal.


Pest Control In Springfield Lakes

Quality Termite & Pest Control In SPRINGFIELD LAKES

Springfield Lakes Pest Services pest control professionals are certified both in the field and in technical support roles. And we’re termite specialists!

Springfield Lakes Pest Services recommends and offers regular services and inspections of your home or business in accordance with Australian Standards and HACCP. The Springfield Lakes Pest Services commercial service includes monitoring and control of:
HACCP audits and IPM (Integrated Pest Management):

Springfield Lakes Pest Services technicians and support personnel are your local provider of choice for Pest Management Maintenance.

When it comes to spider pest control and treatment, you don’t have any time to waste. The speed and brutality of a spider infestation can be daunting, however you can rely on our experts to do the kind of inspection and treatment that will protect your home or business.

At Springfield Lakes Pest Services, we are Termite Pest Service specialists – we use a technological approach for termite infestation and treatments that protects you, your family and your business.

We have been working on termites for decades, including their reproductive patterns, their tendency to invade, and more. We may not be the cheapest however we are the best. Our track record speaks for itself.

Some Common Pests That We Can hELP yOU wITH


We all know that cockroaches are disgusting, but did you know that they could be a serious health risk as well? They lose their hair, leaving behind droppings and feaces that can rapidly turn into airborne allergens.

People with asthma or a higher sensitivity to allergens are at higher risk, especially children. Moreover, cockroaches don’t usually come from the cleanest conditions; they usually live in drains, sewer pipes, streets, etc. before entering your home — just think of what they bring from these places to your home! This is why it is particularly important not only to avoid and deter cockroaches from entering your house, but also to frequently thoroughly clean the surfaces in your home, especially if you have recently had a cockroach sighting.

If your cockroach infestation is growing out of control call our pest control service for quick and effective removal.



Carpenter ants create moist nests in hollow areas and wood. These ants cause damage by tunneling through, rather than eating the actual wood. They cause damage in walls, window and door frames, decks, porches, and other wood surfaces. Ant bites can cause pain and discomfort, but they are not normally hazardous. Ants are, most importantly, valuable sources of food for other pests. This means that other pests will be drawn to the ants in your home, making them more likely to enter and stay in your home. Use baits and advanced residual materials to take care of your unwanted house guests. Skilled carpenter ant removal uses the detection of nest location and specialized treatments which can be delivered by Springfield Lakes Pest Services.


A bite from a spider can produce symptoms in which the victim exhibits intense bite-radiating pain along with fever and physical discomfort. Some common types of spiders found in homes are the wolf spider, black widow, brown recluse spider, daddy longlegs and hobo spider. Most of these spiders are not that toxic or aggressive. Their bites do not have long term effects except back windows, you need to be careful of black widows. Don’t try to get rid of your spiders from your property by yourself, call a professional. The treatment involves a combination of physical collection and removal and the use of qualified insecticide sprays.



The worst kind of insect is fleas. They can cause significant issues because you can’t see them. As the weather warms and the fleas come out in full force, they’ll want to catch a ride on your pet which will cause them discomfort. Fleas do not pose a human health threat, but they may cause excessive scratching leading to an infection. Fleas can also worsen infections and respiratory diseases. If your pet has fleas, your pet may have an allergic reaction to the saliva of the flea, or your pet may have blood loss anemia. The simplest solution is to get rid of fleas with professional services. You can certainly take steps to minimize the risk of infestation, however professional attention should employed for complete removal.


Termites do not affect human health directly, however they can cause harm to your property. They can rapidly grow and eat away wooden furniture and building structures if not taken care of in time. Termite damage is typically deeply rooted in the inner workings of a building, and repairs can be lengthy and costly. The house resale value can be affected as a result of a termite infestation, because buyers are scared of the threat to the house’s structural security. We have effective methods to remove termites and prevent future termite infestation.

Let us help you with any concerns about pests that you may have. Call us today to tell us about the need to remove all kinds of bugs. Hire Springfield Lakes Pest Control professionals so you can sleep peacfully at night.



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Our house was totally infested with cockroaches and termites as it was closed for a long time and we wanted to clean it up. When we were looking for a pest control company to do the job we got in touch with Springfield Lakes Pest Company and they did an awesome job. We would definitely recommend them.


Review Star

We were very happy with the customer service we received. I was looking for someone new for our annual pest inspection and to get rid of the recent increase in the spider population. The team at Springfield Pest were easy to deal with and on time. Thanks Springfield Lakes Pest Services!


Review Star

Great service. Great Price. Really helpful staff. I would recommend them to anyone.



Pests are an irritating and sometimes dangerous problem in your home or business. Pests will spread disease and invade your house and your pets. But eradicating them from your home and office need to be done without harming yourself, your family members or colleagues. That is why we only use treatments which are approved by the Health Department. Whether it’s cockroaches, mice, bed bugs or termites, Pest control Springfield Lakes are experts who can get rid of the problem and get your life back to normal.

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