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Pests can become an irritation if not taken care of in time. Pests like ants and termites have shown to increase rapidly and cause permanent damage to the structure of your house and furniture.

Springfield Lake Pest Control has worked with thousands of clients across Goodna to help them get rid of pests. If your home or office at Goodna is facing pests issues, call Springfield Lake Pest control today.

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We have certified team of pest control professionals who have years of experience and knowledge on pest control. If you notice similar kinds of allergy-like symptoms for the family members, you see food items spread around at home and weird noises like snapping or popping, it may be a sign of termite infestation. Fleas or ants cause allergy-like symptoms. Ants disrupt food item, and termites make noise which can be heard at night. Call our inspection team to get your house checked for infestation. We will honestly tell you if you have or do not have a pest issue. If you need pest treatment, we can give you a free estimate. We will educate on types of pest control options available so you can make a well-informed decision.

Why should you get pest control?

If you have kids or older adults living in your home, pest control is essential. Pests like ants, fleas and spiders can cause severe allergic reactions. They spread diseases by contaminating your water, food, shedding skin and biting. Cockroaches and ants can destroy your clothes and documents. Cockroaches in specific are very good at hiding. You may see one or two out in the open but reproduce in thousands and come out when the lights are off, and you are sleeping.

Termites are silent killers. They destroy your wooden furniture from inside out. If you have old and expensive furniture, we highly recommend getting it inspected for termite infestation.

Types of pests we control


Cockroaches can lay 18 eggs per egg case and hundreds of cases in its lifetime of approximately one year. If you do not control their population in time, they can damage your belongings and spread bacteria, e.coli and fungus around the house.


Your wooden furniture can become a target of termites if you don’t control their population in time. If you notice wood powder, blisters and wood damage call us immediately, and we will make sure to treat the termite infestation thoroughly, so it doesn’t destroy any of your furniture.


Ants are not very far from termite. They also disrupt drywall and wooden flooring to make living space. They can dig through concrete as well. Ants can get inside your clothes. They can eat stored food and make your kitchen unhygienic.


We treat houses for fleas across Goodna. Fleas are bad for pets as well as for humans. It can get attached to the carpet, sofa or bed and stay there for days. Thorough pest control service is necessary when you want to get rid of fleas.


If you have noticed an unusually large population of spiders in your residence, please do not hesitate to call us. We provide exceptional spider pest control service, removing all kinds of spider infestation.

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