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Are you annoyed of pest infestation in your home? Springfield Lake Pest Control provides all-round pest control solution to households of Greenbank. We have been serving the people for Greenbank, helping them get rid of disease-spreading insects and pests. We are providing a safe and environmentally friendly ways of pest control solution.

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Pests are the leading cause of spreading diseases in the houses. They carry dangerous parasites and bacteria around. If you have kids or pets at home, they are more vulnerable to the destruction of pests. Have you noticed a sudden increase in certain pests in your house? It may be a sign of infestation. We understand the importance of understanding the cause of a sudden rise in pests in your home.

It can be due to climate change, an increase of other types of hidden pests or some other factor that may be giving rise to the rise of pests. We have found water drippage and moisture for the increase of cockroaches and termites. A broken disposal machine may also be the reason for the increase of cockroaches in the house. A warm climate may cause increases ants population. Whatever the reason may be our team works fast and removes the root cause of the pest infestation. We will secure your home, so the pests stay out and the existing one are removed.

Types Of Pests We Remove Are


Cockroaches spread diseases like no other. They can live in extreme environments; they can even slip inside your fridge and eat your vegetables and unleaded food. We have a special cockroach control team for effective cockroach removal.


Ants may be small, but their army destroys things at a drastic rate. If a little crumb falls on the ground, it is immediately surrounded by thousands of ants. They make a mess in your house, they spread food around, they get inside your closet and into your clothes. They have shown to distrust furniture and damaged stored food. Ant-sprays have very minimal effect on them if anything they become more aggressive. Our team have effective ways of getting rid of ants.


Spiders are scary. They can be deadly as well. Increase in the number of small insects often cause an increase of spiders in the household. Insects such as housefly, moths, mosquitoes often give rise of common house spiders, cellar spiders, black widow, jumping spider, Sac spider etc. Although most of the spiders found in homes are not dangerous, most of them can bite and seriously cause you pain. Our team makes sure to remove spider infestation from your house and secure the property, so further multiplication of the spider is not possible.


Fleas are your pet’s worst nightmare. If you notice your pets scratching themselves unusually more, check them for fleas. Getting them treated for fleas is not enough. If your house is infested with fleas, your pets may catch it at any time; even you may notice itching. Since fleas are tiny organisms getting rid of them is tough, but we are experts at it. We use methods and techniques to get rid of any trace of flea safely.


Termites are not suitable for your wooden furniture, wooden floor or any wood surface. They increase in number in the right combination of moisture and warmth. We will make sure to remove all their hiding place, treat the termite colonies to prevent further increase of their population.
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