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We all know spiders have eight legs and often associated use their webs to capture lunch. However there are hundreds of different species; some of them pose a very real threat to people while others cannot hurt us.

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What You Need To Know About Home Spiders

Spiders are invertebrates (without skeletons) and grow by shedding their exosleleton, like shedding skin in a similar way to a snake shedding its skin.  Their bodies are made up of two parts; head and legs. Spiders have glands which produce a liquid silk that they pull from their bodies to produce it. While all spiders bite to feed, some spiders have poison that can be dangerous to humans (Sydney funnel-web, Redback, etc.) while others are not a threat. Female spiders are normally larger than the male ones and all spiders lay eggs. 

In domestic situations, Redback spiders and Whitetails be rather harmful while Huntsman spiders appear large, fast and threatening, however they are generally harmless as they are not prone to biting unless provoked. Huntsman are actually a very good hunters of bugs and cockroaches so can in fact keep the population of bugs and cockroaches at a minimum.

Spider Removal In Springfield Lakes, QLD

What To Do If You Have Spiders?

The best way to deal with spiders in your home or property is to use common sense. Be mindful of areas they like to hide in and don’t leave clothes on the floor. Check bedspreads before going to bed as spiders are more active at night, which is when you are likely to see them in numbers.

If you have a harmless spider in your home, catch the spider and put it outside, if you have a poisinous spider at home you can crush them (if your fast) or kill them with appropriate insect spray. It is our recommendation that you have a professional pest control company fumigate your home or building. We can further reduce spider numbers by treating the external area of the building which will limit the likelyhood of them entering the building.

Our Process

At Springfield Lakes Pest Services, we explain our recommendations on treatments of spiders to you so you can be sure of an effeceint and reliable resolution every time because your peace of mind comes from knowing your problem is solved.

We have the experience to know the spiders that are commonly found in our local area and how to treat infestations. For example, nomadic spiders like Huntsman and Whitetails don’t have webs. They hunt their prey and travel from region to region. Spiders are affected when a pesticide is absorbed from the surface of the body (Cuticle). Therefore, when we apply chemicals to surfaces, we cannot rely on these nomadic spiders coming into contact with that treated surface.

After a treatment is completed, we cannot guarantee that spiders will not enter the building. If they do we recommend spraying the spider directly with a surface spray or to capture them with a bowl or cup and peice of stiff paper so you can put them outside again, well away from your home.

Our treatments usually involve applying pesticide powder to the roof, inside and around the exterior windows and doors, etc., and under the building (if there is access). Synthetic pyrethroids are commonly used products within our treatments which we apply to skirting boards and other similar areas. External perimeter walls, eaves, patios, etc. along wth the cobwebs occupying them are also sprayed. Laundry lines are treated together with mailboxes along with all kinds of potted plants and other potential spider hideouts. We ask you to leave the cobwebs for a few weeks before removingthem so we can be sure that the treatment is fully functioning

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Spiders In Springfield Lakes, QLD

Common Spiders in Queensland and Springfield Lakes

There are many kinds of spiders in Australia, all of which develop under different conditions. Some common varieties of spiders in homes are adapted to indoor conditions and can be found in a less humid environments where food can be obtained consistently. Some spiders can live without food and water for months! Spiders that live outside prefer a warm and humid environment, which is perfect for their food source of insect’s.

It is a good practice not to put clothes on the floor or if you do then shake them thoroughly before wearing them. Other ways to avoid unpleasant surprises are to check your bedding before going to bed at night. To sweep regularly and to block gaps you may have in walls and around doors. To prevent their entry to the house if you use firewood carefully consider where you wood is stored and check the firewood thoroughlybefore bringing it into the house.

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