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Did you know that at this very moment 1 out of every 5 homes in Australia are facing a termite infestation? Industry statistics indicate that at any one time around 20 percent of homeowners experience some level of termite damage.

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So, What Are Termites Termites Exactly?

Termites are small white, tan, or black insects that can destroy wooden elements of any building. They cause severe damage to wooden structures and posts, as well as damaging stored food, books, and home furniture. Termites eat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means that wood damage can occur very quickly in and around a structure.

The termite belongs to the Blattodea order of the insects, as do cockroaches. The name Isoptera originates from a Greek term, meaning two pairs of straight wings. King and queen termites swarm in the summers in the search for a mate and move in large groups of thousands. The two mates go through a dance of courtship and begin their own colony afterwards. The male or emperor, shares the labor with the queen as she is fertilized and prepares to start having baby termites, . In the first year of laying eggs the queen can produce anywhere from one hundred to one thousands eggs a day. For approximately five years, the colony’s population will continue to grow with massive numbers, then the queen will get her first reproductive alates, or young kings and queens. Then the process starts again creating more termites.

Termite Removal Springfield Lakes, QLD

Where do Termites Thrive?

Termites prefer moist warm conditions in which they thrive, like most insects in the world. During the spring and summer months, termites become the most active. Though termite activity may occur throughout the entire year.

The main termites present in Springfield Lakes is a subterranean type, the simplest single sign for termites is the mud tunnels that are built between the soil and the wood components of a building. But, dont wait for visible signs ato appear, call Springfield Lakes Pest Control to assess the property and ensure any termite introduers would need a great dental plan!


We Can Help!

It helps to be diligent in monitoring their populations because so many Springfield Lakes households are likely to experience termite infestations. Pest Control Springfield technicians are trained to detect early signs of termites and establish removal techniques before they can cause serious damage to a household. Once colonies are well established, it becomes harder and, unfortunately, more expensive to clear a home of the pests.

It is important to understand the type of problem present before any real therapies can begin. Termites are not always visible, which is why our specialists at  must first assess where the termites have entered the home and assess how much harm has been done already. That’s not always easy, making it even more important for homeowners to contact an expert for preventative action to be taken, however if you do notice any sign of an infestation its critical you contact us immediately.

Once a complete home and surrounding property inspection is carried out, a plan for controlling the termites can be provided. This process is simple if the infestation is caught early. The longer the termites have to build their nests, though, the harder it can be to eliminate them. Since termites are hard to locate, it’s worth leaving this to professionals instead of attempting to deal with the issue using unsafe over – the-counter products.

We will discuss termite elimination plans with homeowners to all trearments we utilise are done in a safe way. Because chemicals might have to be used, precautions should be taken to avoid any threat to the occupants or pets of the home. This makes the process easier and safer to work closely with an expert.

Ways to prevent termite infestation

Repair any leaking pipes as soon as possible. Remove water near the base of your house. Clean out rotten wood or old paper to remove termite food sources. Regularly check for termites in your indoor and outdoor furniture. Secure any possible entry points by closing off gaps and holes in walls and around doors.

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